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Who We Are

An organization passionate about quality care and works with the purpose of eliminating avoidable blindness!

In this era, when technology is evolving at a rapid pace, we feel helpless at handling the onslaught of information overload. In our blind race to go after the latest and greatest toys in the market, we lose touch with the time-tested finesse of experienced hands. We are here to rescue you from the maze of jargons and provide the best care your eyes deserve.

Routine Eye-checkup

Includes examination of vision, eye pressure and blood pressure if required. The examination will be done on slit-lamp for diseases of cornea, iris or lens. The retinal examination will be done if diabetic or high myopia. Further tests may be recommended if required. The whole process may take up to half an hour.

Medical Management

We follow the management protocol in AIIMS. It is regularly updated in view of the latest research. Eye-drops will be recommended for common eye conditions like dryness, itching, watering, mild redness and infections. Chronic diseases like ARMD, diabetes-related disease of the retina may require injections in the eye.

Surgical treatment

Diseases like cataract and retinal detachment cannot be treated with medicines. You will get state of the art surgical facilities with some of the best surgical hands in the world! Expected outcome along with possible complications and course of the disease will be discussed in detail.


We believe in nurturing life-long relationships. Managing chronic diseases is our forte. We run speciality clinics for chronic diseases managed by domain experts. We take care of all the ongoing needs of patients who have undergone surgery at our centres. Let financial limitations do not come in the way of availing quality care.

What We Do

We have everything you need to take care of your eyes.

We aim to become one destination for all your eyecare needs.


For every amount you donate for surgery, we will put an equal amount and perform surgeries for the needy. Contact us for details. We are working on developing tele-ophthalmology centres in underserved areas.

Family protection plan

For a token amount of ₹1000, we would love to perform routine eye examination for children, parents and grand parents. When is your next yearly checkup due?


We are open to collaboration with companies and NGOs for performing eye camps in their company premises or locality. We have been doing it for several corporates, police as well as army camps.

Research and innovation

We are working on the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in clinical decision making. Another research area is automated detection of diseases in clinical photographs.

Quality First

We are fanatic about quality. We have designed all our services to conform to the global standards. We are in the process of NABH and Quality Council of India accreditation. We routinely update our protocols to incorporate the latest research.

Concierge at home

We have designed our services to help senior citizens. If you wish to be picked up from home, get your eyes tested and then dropped back home, we would love to be of help. Also helpful for people whose children live abroad. We will keep you updated with every detail!

Featured Works

These are some of our common cases and we are so excited to share them with you.


Inflammation in the eye

Project Link

Inflammation of pigmented layer between inner retina and outer cornea and sclera.

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography in Diabetic retinopathy

Complicated retinal diseases

Project Link

Blockage of vessels in diabetic retinopathy as seen in fundus fluorescein angiography.

Subluxated Lens

Diseases of the Lens

Project Link

Subluxated lenses can be seen in Marfan's Syndrome, Homocystinuria, following trauma. We have vast experience in managing these cases with Iris claw lenses, anterior chamber IOLs and scleral fixated IOLs.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diseases of retina

Project Link

Dilated and tortuous retinal veins, exudates and hemorrhages.


Diseases of optic nerve

Project Link

Red free image of retina showing defective nerve fibre layer.

Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome

Secondary glaucoma, High-risk cataract surgery

Project Link

An age related systemic disease in which abnormally high fibrillary protein is produced in the eye associated with zonular weakness and secondary glaucoma.

What Our Delighted Friends Are Saying.

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Dr Manish is a good human, down to earth, understanding and caring Super Specialist. He is always at ease while examining patients and never in any sort of rush to complete diagnosis. It is indeed a privilege to be treated by such a wonderful professional. God bless Dr Manish and his team!!!

Sourav for glaucoma
Author image

I was happy with Treatment. Believes in minimal medical intervention to solve the problem. Explains the issues in a friendly and logical manner. Excellent. I would absolutely recommend him.

Tarun for eye redness
Author image

Dr Manish is a wonderful doctor. Very competent in his field and very attentive to his patient. His caring nature and detailing makes his patient feel at ease. His clinic is very well equipped with the latest gadgets and machines. He is an honest doctor who does not do unnecessary tests and his charges are reasonable.

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